Illustrator Spotlight: Sophia Drevenstam



The Cult has spotted an impressive young fashion illustrator named Sophia Drevenstam. Sophia is a 22-year old Swedish artist currently living in Berlin. I first noticed her depiction of a Zebra print jacket from Balmain’s Fall RTW 2008 collection and immediately fell for her style. I love her use of silouette and the fine detail in her patterns.

Sophia tells the Cult that she’s inspired “at the moment” by Gus Van Sant Movies, the Berlin Music scene, and a new album from John Frusciantes called “The Empyrean.”



See more from Sophia at

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  1. marc says:

    The first illustration is so similar to the italian comic designer Guido Crepax that looks like is coming out of one of his ‘valentina’ books. Pretty strong ‘inspiration’.

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