Someone Finally Tackled Kristen Stewart…


… and applied some makeup to the poor thing! Not that I’m not all for the au naturale look, but sheesh! Homegirl is constantly seen on the red carpet looking more washed out than her undead friends in the inexplicably popular movie “Twilight.”

Kristen Stewart Adventureland Premiere

She seen here at the LA premiere of “Adventureland.” While this look is far from a home run, at least she’s trying. The dress is quite fetching too – if she would wear it, instead of it wearing her. Ah well.. I supposed all that paparazzi nonsense that goes with showbiz can’t be easy. Kudos on your progress, Kristen!


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3 Responses to “Someone Finally Tackled Kristen Stewart…”

  1. i love the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. looks like they are a very good couple

  2. Kristen Stewart is an award winning actress. her performance in Twilight is simply the best. She is also very beautiful.

  3. annette says:

    Kristen Stewart is very pretty, she really fits the role of Bella in Twilight.

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