Lady Gaga = Style Icon?



Note quite. Sorry, Lady – I do appreciate your efforts, but I’m just not convinced yet that you can be spotted as an icon. Certainly, Lady Gaga’s is distinctive, but it hasn’t yet settled into a place that seems very genuine or authentic. But I do like where she’s going with it – at least attempting something original.

Check out her “hair” bow on the red carpet at the The Dome 49 in Hannover, Germany. Kinda cute… but look at the background dancers. They embody exactly my reservations about the singer’s style – looks very contrived.

See Laday Gaga onstage at the Wiltern in L.A. in the gallery below, along with a few of her famous fans (Kelly Osbourne, Davey Havok) that brought a big of style of their own.


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7 Responses to “Lady Gaga = Style Icon?”

  1. elyoo says:

    I’m not quite warming up to her style. O_O

  2. Lady Gaga has to be my favorite singer these days. She has a very good sense of fashion, a Mezzo Soprano voice and some freakin dance moves.

  3. lady gaga might not be a very beautiful singer but she can sing and dance well.

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  6. Poker Face and Just Dance simple rocks! more power to Lady Gaga.

  7. Lady Gaga is da bomb. Poker Face and Starstruck are so cool to listen.

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