Eighty Jane’s Around the World (Wide Web) #1


EightyJane ATW

Loyal followers may have noticed a dearth of posts on the Cult lately, and for that we apologize. Eighty Jane, your resident mistress of ceremonies is in high demand these days, lending her expertise to those in need. But don’t fret! The Fashion Cult team is growing and we’re bringing some exciting new features your way soon. In the mean, enjoy this dose of EJ’s fashion news and discussion from around the world (wide web).

Barbie is getting a Betty Draper makeover
Gap is going down under Women’s History Month: Celebrate Female Designers
Get the Look: Rachel Bilson
The Top Ten Fashion Websites
Blogs Move Fashion from Dictatorship to Democracy
Slingbacks! + more SS10 Men’s Shoe Trends
Menswear Red Trend: SS10
Augmented Reality – Rock Paper Scissor with T-post Magazine

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