Movie: The Devil Wears Prada


I’m not much for hollywood flicks. In fact I generally hate them. Too often, the plots are slavishly formulaic; the actors, plastic. Even, for the price of suffering the industrial AC and a standard musical montage, I could get the large part of a new outfit from my favorite thrift store… or about a quarter of the minimum payment for the credit card used to buy the new Miu Miu knee boot.

But how could I resist a show that promised such a couture feast for the eyes. So I was ready and willing the forgive the tired predictable geek-to-chic that Ann Hathaway seems to be so fond of playing.And I even tolerated the institutional cautionary tone directed toward overly ambitious women who dare to put career first.

But the feast – it turned out to be more like a skimpy finger food platter (maybe that should be expected in a movie about fashion?). There were a few moments when I had to forcibly hold in ooohs & aaahs. One of them was when a striking kelly green vintage coat with leopard fur trim, flashed across the screen only to disappear in the next second. Sadly, I couldn’t find any photos of the lovely coat.

The movie: 1 star. The fashion: 2 stars. Meryl Streep: 3 stars.

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