News Flash: Zoe Saldana Has Always Been Thin


When I saw the photos of Zoe Saldana at the “Avatar” premiere I thought, Wow – she looks amazing in that dress (Roland Mouret?). And sure enough she’s getting net buzz today, but not for her stellar style choices. Folks have chosen Zoe as their latest “OMG-she’s-so-skinny” target. These, I’m sure, are the same people that would have a field day if she put on a bit of weight. She’s a hollywood actress with a ballet background = she’s always been pin thin.


*** UPDATE: January 2011***
This post has been edited to fix a broken image link and to include photos from “Drumline” the movie, in response to a commenter below.

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3 Responses to “News Flash: Zoe Saldana Has Always Been Thin”

  1. diana says:

    She looks so glamorous. I love Zoe Saldana and I don’t care what the media have to say about her being too thin. I agree she has always be thin. People just need to lay off!

  2. Anorexiakills says:

    There’s no way you can say she’s always been this skinny. Watch her in the movie “Drumline” and you will immediately notice the difference. If her getting skinnier helped her land more movie roles after that, then so be it. But don’t try to feed us this whole “she’s always been skinny” bs.

    • EightyJane says:

      I don’t mean to be insensitive to the body-dysmorphic epidemic of hollywood, but I maintain that Saldana has always been thin. See recently added “Drumline” photos in the post above. She may have fluctuated a touch (as many normal, healthy women do) but no so much as to warrant the blitz of “skinny” coverage.

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