Cédric Rivrain: ‘it’s not about fashion…’


Multi-talent Cédric Rivrain was recently featured on the Opening Ceremony blog. He is interviewed by Rory Satran.

RS: Do you consider yourself more an artist, an illustrator, a fashion designer, or you don’t distinguish?
CR: I think I feel more like an artist, because…it depends on my mood and all. Sometimes when I am working on my drawings, it can be quite far from fashion. For example, the drawings I did with the mechanical eyes, obviously the plasters…even sometimes when it’s people who are related to fashion that I draw, it’s not about fashion when I do it. It’s more about what’s deep inside myself. I don’t feel they’re really fashion drawings. I just don’t want to put a label on myself. For example, Andy Warhol. He was a fashion illustrator before he was a big artist. Sometimes I wonder if I should stop with fashion and concentrate on my personal drawings, but then I realize I miss fashion. So I just want make everything evolve and keep on doing it all without making any distinctions.

RS: Is there anyone you dream of meeting and drawing? Maybe someone from the past?
CR: Someone like Diana Vreeland. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved her personality.

RS: Have you read her book, D.V.?
CR: Yes, I have and looked at all her pictures. She was one of those people who made fashion about dreaming. So much of it now is so commercial. That’s why I am careful with everyone I work with and which jobs I take. I went into fashion because it made me dream.

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