Drama + Fashion = Bravo’s ‘Launch My Line’ [VIDEO]


dandy and drama launch my line

In its continued pursuit to fill the gaping hole left by “Project Runway,” Bravo brings us “Launch My Line” – a reality dramedy hosted by DSquared2’s Caten twins. In the show quasi celebrities team with fashion experts to start their own fashion lines. The jury is still out as to whether the show’s fashion is up to par. But if it’s drama you want, drama you most certainly will get!

McDonald and da Villacis Bravo

So far the cuckoo quotient is won by fashion writer Patrick McDonald & designer Roberto de Villacis. McDonald, who refers to himself as a fashion “dandy” is paired with the emotionally volatile and physically violent de Villacis. The pair would be painful to bear in real life, but they definitely make for good TV. Check out a sneak peek from tonight’s episode:

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One Response to “Drama + Fashion = Bravo’s ‘Launch My Line’ [VIDEO]”

  1. trish says:

    YEs, I agree..I loved the way they explained on how they have companies that study the trends to predicate the new styles. WHo Knew??

    I love that Dandy team. I still can not firgure out if it is THE Dandy or Roberto Devillacis who is the real villian. On the next episode it looks like it’s the dandy that will lose it and he no longer seems too nice..
    Was the W meant to be an M for the me, me and the expert wants a we we team?

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