Anna Wins!


anna of annabelle nyc wins bravo's the fashion showjpg

Finally! A reality TV show that ends they we think it should: Anna won Bravo’s “The Fashion Show” – yay!!! I was skeptical about the audience voting format, but in this case I guess it worked in my favorite designer’s favor. She easily had the best style on the show and her sensibility translated into making a collection that real women actually want to wear.

The pink dress – above on the left – is selling at for $140. The one on the right (the one I want) is going for $175. Both dresse won’t ship until this fall, however.


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  1. bmargolin says:

    i knew she’d win, but that stuff is way pedestrian. it’s not bad, but it’s not great. better than danielle’s, sure. rico’s stuff was awesome…up until the final 4 when he fell apart. so yeah, she should have won, but that’s not saying much considering how untalented and/or unskilled so many of the folks on there were. where’s my damn project runway?!?!

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