Spring ’09 Couture: Christian Lacroix – DISASTER!


Christain Lacroix Spring '09 Christain Lacroix Spring '09

I’m nearly speechless. Yes, my tastes of late are much more streamlined and simple, but I can still appreciate wild – when it’s done right! These Christain Lacroix pieces, on the other hand are just a scary mess! I am literally shocked. Obviously, garish&gaudy was the running theme: just look at the rug, curtain, and the puke-pink wall color in the background.

Lacroix has been among my favorites in the past, but this… Lacroix is in danger of falling off the list of the hallowed.

There were a few decent pieces among all the muck. To see them, click

Christain Lacroix Spring '09Christain Lacroix Spring '09

Christain Lacroix Spring '09Christain Lacroix Spring '09

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2 Responses to “Spring ’09 Couture: Christian Lacroix – DISASTER!”

  1. I like the navy blue piece, but that’s about it.

  2. […] this is what couture should be. Lacroix take notice: you can drama AND elegance in the same piece of wearable art without crafting a […]

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