Ads & Eds: Slash jams for Volkswagon


Axel Rose was a decent frontman, but what really made Guns ‘n’ Roses was their fro-coifed lead guitarist, Saul Hudson – otherwise known as Slash. Judging from his recent role as Volkswagon commerical star, either the man needs money or he’s tryna make a (larger) comeback. Let’s hope for the latter.

The hat and glasses are oh so 90s, but can you blame the man? The decade was GnR’s heyday. Besides, you could make an argument for his fashion forwardness: all black is totally in right now AND in another 5 years or so and folks’ll be sporting 90s styles again. Oh come on, you know it’s true.

Fun Fact: Slash is black! That is, he’s of mixed race. In the States, though, that means he’s black (one drop, you know).

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3 Responses to “Ads & Eds: Slash jams for Volkswagon”

  1. Jules says:

    Yeah, that nigga is a nigga. I remember reading about that somewhere.

  2. Fashion Cult says:

    yes Jules, we know you’re black. you don’t have to prove it to us 😉

  3. Jules says:

    I just thought I’d TRY harder…

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