Gold Rush


It’s undeniable: the 80s are back. From leggings to lace, the styles of the 1980s have been seen all over the runways and sidewalks. This includes a resurgence of gold – silver’s rich, ugly stepsister whom we’ve all hated for the last 15-20 years. But if you can come to terms with a polka dot sweater dress being in style in 2006, then certainly a little golden shimmer can’t be too scary.

The Devil Wears Golden Dresses

If you don’t mind the attention, go for it in a gold dress. Even the devil herself, Ms. Wintour, is sporting this look. Take some tips from her and wear your all gold gown with accessories that are little more demure. For everyday looks, I’d recommend almost none at all. But if you must, plastic or organic baubles work well.

This Nicole Bakti dress is simple, but so retro chic.

The gold in this Diane VonFurstenberg is it’s own jewelry.

The Golden Touch

Head to toe gold isn’t for everyone. Luckily, the gold trend has sublter sides. A gold accesory or two adds glitz to otherwise casual clothing. And remember, gold isn’t just a precious metal, it’s a color. So don’t be shy to sport gold-toned metal, painted wooden beads, or even plastic.

This chunky gold necklace dresses up a simple floral sundress.

This Pucci pendant borders on gaudi. But it looks chic against that bold magenta.

Ralph Lauren adds a splash of red to the gold belt, shoes, and buttons

Probably the easiest way to incorporate gold: handbags. From totes, to slings, to clutches, designers across the board are turning out gold bags.

Kate Spade
Lauren Merkin

Realistically, the average jane can’t afford a closet full of Pucci or Prada, but she can still get down with gold. Check out these bargains from Target.

This gold studded belt is 17 dollars.

These Merona slingbacks are about 20 bucks.

Target’s great, but it’s everywhere – which means it’s merchandise is everywhere. And what any true style maven hates most is looking exactly like everyone else. The solution: VINTAGE! Check out these bargains from Bags&Baubles Vintage Accessories. Everything shown is under 15 dollars.

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