Haute Horoscope: Aries 2011


Happy new year everyone! On March 21 the sun entered the constellation of Aries, where it will reside until April 20. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which means it heralds a new cycle – a new year, of sorts. A new year is always exciting, but for 2011 the energy is going to be downright electric.

For the next month the sun will be sharing the Aries portion of the sky with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This means the inclination for new things is especially strong right now and the energy of abundance is raining down on us. BUT WAIT! This doesn’t (necessarily) mean it’s time for a shopping spree. Rather, now is the time to expand by trying new things, exploring new cultures, maybe even gaining some new knowledge. So instead of falling back on old patterns or buying into the predictable trends, now’s when you need to add something fresh and different to your routine and your wardrobe.

In fact, you may find this refresher happening whether you like or not. This is because Uranus has also moved into Aries, as of March 11. This planet is the one that comes around to stir the pot, and it’s not always an easy turn to take. Uranus will remain in Aries until 2018 so its effects will be long lasting and wide reaching. You may feel the urge to start being more authentic. Pretentious and plastic just aren’t “in” anymore and you can now allow yourself to more fully express your true self.

There’s nothing wrong with having knowledge of fashion fads, but now’s the time that you’ll be more choosy about about which you participate in. Or maybe there’s something completely strange and different that you’ve not seen anywhere, but just feel like trying in your look. Go with it! Trust instincts and allow your style to experience a surge in evolution. Now’s not the time to try to fit in. You might even that find your willingness to break free from the norm gets you noticed in a way that will foster positive growth in your career, your love life, or your social standing. This might mean breaking with situations and people that have been the norm for you until now, so keep that in mind and embrace the change even when it hurts a little.

In fact, the energy of Saturn in Libra (Aries’ opposite) means that your close relationships are likely to be tested. Your new commitment to authentic style might rub your significant other or your boss the wrong way. This will expose “issues” that have been there all along, but were covered by the paper veil of dressing as you are expected. Face the resulting confrontations with courage and patience. It might be time to write that resignation or Dear John/Jane letter. On the other hand, if you are able to work through it, the relationship will be stronger than ever.

Aries energy encourages freedom and action, which means it prefers to be unfettered by limitations… and baggage. You know what this means: it’s time for Spring Cleaning. Tackle that closet with the fierce Mars energy of Aries. It’s time to let go of all those items that you’ve outgrown – physical, mentally, and emotionally. Have you been hanging onto a dress that no longer fits your body or your lifestyle? Chuck it! Remove that dead weight from your life and bring in the delicious crispness of the fresh and new. The good news is you’ll find it easier to do this right now as Uranus inspires you to make changes and Jupiter propels you forward to new things. Right now you are a wardrobe warrior and you take no prisoners!

Though these energies might be felt more acutely in those born around this time of the year, they are relevant to everyone and we can all take advantage of them. Stay tuned for the re-launch of the Haute Horoscope sun sign series coming April 2011. For personal consultations please write to webmistress@thefashioncult.com.

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