Haute Horoscope: Sagittarius


Yes, I know: The sun in Sagittarius period ended yesterday. But isn’t it fitting that I should just be getting around to archer’s edition of Haute Horoscope? Just like a Sag birthday, it’s almost been overlooked due to the bustle of a busy holiday season. I said almost. Sag, you are not forgotten! Your birthday gift might come wrapped in Christmas paper, but it’s coming nonetheless. In fact, we’ll just pick it up while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. If you’re in Atlanta there are plenty of places to get great holiday gifts and still avoid the mall madness.

One of my favorite L5P shopping destinations is a quaint little boutique called Envy. The shop specializes in trendy, yet unique pieces for the young and hip. They offer national brands and local labels and recently a few pieces of vintage, but I always seem to linger among the racks of jewelry. Much of it is handmade by Donna – the mother of boutique owner, Jilene.

Donna is friendly, very frank and, apparently, an astrological expert. During a recent visit we were chatting when she asked which is my sign. I admitted my Aries status and proceeded to nod as she listed a number of traits that I could not deny were my own. For the most part they were things I’d heard, read or recognized before. Then she threw this in: “and you’re a sex addict.” Wha?! Well, I said she’s frank, didn’t I? Don’t strike up a convo about the Zodiac with Donna unless your ready for an eerily accurate portrait of yourself. It can be rather weird to hear – especially while within earshot of strangers.

Envy is located at 1143 Euclid Ave. Drop by during store hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sun 12:30pm-7pm or give them a call at (404) 525-3689 .

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2 Responses to “Haute Horoscope: Sagittarius”

  1. Jules says:

    “and you’re a sex addict.”

    HAHAHAHA!!! You too?

    Glad to see that you posted something up. Bet you’re really busy. Well… ummm… happy belated holidays.

  2. Margarite Elaine says:

    Oh I’m so hurt! I’m NOT listed under your favorite blogs anymore. Ok I’m going to go to bed now and cry myself sleep. J/K:) Happy New Year!

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