Wise Winter Sale Shopping


For those that didn’t completely bust their budgets buying trinkets for Christmas, now is a terrific time to take advantage of the deep discounts of winter sales. But like all sales, it’s possible to get trapped by the illusion of the “good deal” and end up spending unnecessarily. Don’t buy ultra-trendy items that are slashed to 90% of their retail price. Instead, the Cult advises that you to look for high quality wardrobe staples, which might be more modestly discounted but will prove to be of much high value when you are still getting use out of them five years now.

For example, you might be riveted by these exaggerated platform wedges by Charlotte Olympia. I agree that they’re kind of charming and the 50%+ discount is attractive. But in two years – or even next season! – will you truly be happy that your dropped upwards of $600 on these? Think about how many wears you’ll realistically get how of these. They are currently on sale at Matchesfashion.com, but the store has plenty of wiser winter sale options. See a few of them below.


For dresses, look for classic silhouettes, in durable colors (neutrals and standards like red), and natural fabrics. From left to right:

Similar guidelines can be applied to coats. These winter items tend to require a greater monetary investment, making it even more important to make thoughtful choices. From left to right:

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