Curves Ahead: V Magazine Size Issue – Day 2


V Magazine’s “Size Issue” hits newstands on Jan. 14. Especially at this time of year – when so many of us are setting new bogus resolutions to be supermodel skinny by swimsuit season – let these previews stand as a reminder that are are different types of beauty (and health!).

It will be interesting to see how well the issue sells and whether it will translate into more full-figured models in mainstream fashion magazine. Somehow, I doubt it. We might complain some seasons that the catwalks are whitewashed, but open a mag and you’ll see some racial diversity somewhere. On the other hand, search that same mag for a woman over a size 6 and you will fail. Month after month everyone pictured in party/street style/user photos is thin (and the models, of course).

Photo: Sølve Sundsbø
Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Make up: Frank B (The Wall Group)
Hair: Esther Langham (Art + Commerce)
Models: Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn (Ford NY), Kasia P (Click)


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7 Responses to “Curves Ahead: V Magazine Size Issue – Day 2”

  1. glowingdoll says:

    Interesting. I think all sizes are good it’s what adds variety to life. It’s nice to see something that is aesthetically different after staring at such similar looking people for so long. Perhaps V will do a short issue someday?

  2. eighty says:

    I was think the same about the short issue. ANTM has had a short season – it can’t be far behind (even though so many fashion people are snobs toward Tyra Banks (they might not want to give her the pioneering cred)).

    what would be truly interesting is to have an issue – or a magazine brand – that included all shapes and sizes TOGETHER, instead of separating and classifying

  3. What I continue to find extraordinary is that such beautiful girls are not seen more often. It is very strange to me, as a designer of clothes for all sizes, that there is such a stigma attached to anyone who is over a size 10. The reaction to Selfridges closing their plus size business shows that there are still a huge number of people who believe that if you are larger than a size 10 you are lazy, greedy or just poor. Those who are obsessive about working out probably spend more time thinking of themselves than others. Women are overweight, if that is indeed a correct word, for many reasons from basic genes which dictate that a person is the way they are – for instance if they have big breasts no amount of dieting and exercise will remove them and they are classed as plus size – through to metabolic imbalance, medication, pregnancy etc. etc. Is it not just wonderful that we are all different and in fact the better covered bodies look so much healthier than the skeletons that more frequently grace our magazines. We agonise if our children develop an eating disorder, but we do nothing to obliterate the publicity that very thing people get – whether models or celebrities.

    • Scott says:

      Breast size has nothing to do with being fat. I can barely walk from an injury and I still stay in shape through eating until I am full all the time just not eating bad food or stuffing my face. If being bigger than a size 10 isn’t bad then how come there are so many medical problems associated with it?

  4. Debbie says:

    I much prefer seeing a larger healthy looking model to an sickly waif! There is nothing attractive about that!!! Many look like they are too weak to make it down the runway much less back up it. I much prefer the soft curve of a hip to the angular jutting hip bones of the skeletal. I want to see real women not some unobtainable version of perfection. As a sociology project in college I did a survey of teen boys, men in their 20’s & 30’s. Overwhelmingly they chose the curvy to the reed thin. Men like curves. Many also stated that they did not like dating women who didn’t eat while on a date.

  5. Scott says:

    Curves refers to the hip to waist ratio, NOT a polite way to say they are morbidly obese with folds of fat. Publish the TRUTH. Not even all skinny girls have curves. Oh and there is NOTHING wrong with being skinny. In fact it’s healthy. So the previous posts talk about how they can’t wake it down the runway when fat girls can’t either because they have more to move around. Oh and I got this information from SCIENTISTS. If it’s healthy to be fat Debbie then how come you don’t get fat when you exercise and eat healthy? The woman I posted a picture of has curves, real curves and is healthy. No diabetes, no heart attacks, no bed sores.

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