Well-Fed Models CAN Sell Clothes!



Check this out: model Crystal Renn used to be anorexic. Now she’s being featured in Australian Harper’s Bazaar in all her real woman glory. Lately there’s been attention to the whitewash that is the currently model breed. But, truthfully, diversity is less needed via color, than via size representation.


Honestly, I don’t understand why the fashion powers that be don’t see how using a more diverse range of sizes would be good for business. If you’re the average American woman, these photos are far more identifiable and therefor more likely to inspire you to imitation.



I mean, c’mon. When I see the toothpick-legged chick in UK Elle’s May issue, I don’t wonder where I could buy the clothes… I wonder how much coke I’d have to do to look as starved as she does. Booooo!


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12 Responses to “Well-Fed Models CAN Sell Clothes!”

  1. Nicole says:

    A-MEN! I would LOVE to see a magazine do a fashion feature with a real-sized girl wearing HOT fashion. Hooray for Australian Harper’s Bazaar!

  2. She is a gorgeous women, who cares what size she is. She looks absolutley fabulous, and I would certainly buy whatever she is wearing.
    What a fabulous post, and thank you Harpar’s Bazaar!

  3. kate says:

    Many thanks for posting this!!!

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  5. […] At Models & Moguls, we appreciate a diverse examples of beauty and we can’t figure out why the fashion industry is so slow to catching on with full figured women. Don’t they know that well fed models can sell clothes! […]

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  8. Wanderlusting says:

    That is VERY true. I wonder how I can get that thin, wish I could wear the pants and then get depressed because I can’t. If ms Renn could be shown in the pants and looking hot, then I would be like “oh me too!”

  9. Ben says:

    Neither of them look good. Ones thighs as way too thin and the others are too doughy for my tastes. Give me a nice pair of tones legs over either of these thanks.

  10. Debbie says:

    I am plus size, when I look at catalogs & clothing online I want to see them on a plus sized model! I want to have an idea of how they will look on me not some reed thin girl. When will companies realize that we don’t want to see skinny models modeling plus sized clothing. They think skinny models will look better in the clothes & therefore make us more likely to buy them. The message you are sending us is that you have to be thin to look good. Which also inadvertently says there’s no point in ordering your clothing since we can’t possibly look good in it. But beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! It’s about time the media & modeling industry discovered this.

  11. Rachel says:

    Well, this artical is no longer relevent. Chrystal Renn has lost SOOOO much weight that she looks unhealthy. Oh well, I guess you do have to be a toothpick to make it as a model.

    • EightyJane says:

      Yeah, it’s a shame, isn’t it. She did all that good talking bout being pround of her shaped then ultimately buckled to the industry. But she is absolutely EVERYWHERE. It must have been hard not to respond to the opportunity.

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