Project Runway Season 6 Finale: Irina Wins!


irina wins project runway season 6

Georgian-American designer Irina Shabayeva took home the prize in Project Runway’s first season in L.A. and on the Lifetime network. Irina, despite her the lack of hue variation in her collection, presented the best collection by far.

irina project runway season 6 collection

irina project runway season 6 finale

Second place designer Althea Harper had a collection that would give buyers many options, but she and Carol Hannah still looked like amateurs reaching a bit for the high standards of Bryant Park. Irina on the other hand looked like she definitely belonged there.

Althea Harper Collection Highlights
althea project runway season 6 collection

althea project runway season 6 finale

Carol Hannah WhitfieldCollection Highlights
carol hannah project runway season six finale

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2 Responses to “Project Runway Season 6 Finale: Irina Wins!”

  1. […] success, but a few smart winners have turned their 15-minutes into genuine, respectable careers. Project Runway Season 6 winner Irina Shabayeva hasn’t quite proven that she’ll be around for the long haul, but she showed that she […]

  2. Lamb says:

    I hate the IRINA BITCH cuz of her attitude towards the other designers and their work. But as ı scan through her collection ı realized that her victory can not be explained as an unfair one. Cuz she is really talented and spontaneous and creative ı loved her collection too bad her personality is not as spectecalur as the outfits she designs

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