If It Wasn’t Chanel Would You Still Love it? PFW Spring 2010


chanel hobby lobby spring 2010

My guess is hell no.

The hobby lobby mess you see above, folks, was produced by none other than the legendary fashion house of Chanel (a la Karl Lagerfeld). And what I’m about to say may be fashion sacrilege to some, but it’s true: these clothes are garbage. Granted, I chose some of the most hideous from the Spring 2010 collection to make my point, but it’s still valid. These clothes are not forward, or trendy, and not even classic!

While I genuinely admire the contributions Coco Chanel made to fashion, and can appreciate how revolutionary she was, I just cannot abide label worship. There must be other fashionphiles out there that feel this way. So why do I feel like panning Chanel is like taking the Lord’s name in vain. *taboo*

See below for a few looks that somewhat struck my fancy (click for larger view). Six out of 72 = FAIL.
palatable chanel spring 2010

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2 Responses to “If It Wasn’t Chanel Would You Still Love it? PFW Spring 2010”

  1. Irene says:

    I very much agree…I used to feel almost guilty whenever I happened to dislike something from Chanel…”ugly” in reference to ANY Chanel sounded almost like blasphemy…yet now I look at pieces as if they are “nameless”: if it is beautiful to me – all the better that it is Chanel…or if I find it ugly – even the magic name “Chanel” wouldn’t make a difference…

    all this being said – some of Lagerfeld’s creation I do like…

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