Michelle O’s Lanvin “Faux Pas” – Much Ado about Nothing!


Michello Obama Expensive Lanvin Shoes Sneakers

Conservatives, “news” rags, and others with more time than sense are making a big fuss over First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a pair of Lanvin sneakers to an event last week. Okay, the event was some feed the poor shindig… and okay the kicks retail for $540, but it really does seem like much ado about nothing.

The attempts to make a mountain out of a sartorial molehill are clear indications of Mrs. Obama’s star being on a meteoric rise. When you seem to have everything going for you, haters will find the smallest bit of nonsense to try and tear you down – just ask Beyonce.


The First Lady, whose approval rating is higher than the President’s, solidified her status as a style icon and all-around well-liked public figure on a recent trip to Europe. During that trip, the topic of what Mrs. Obama wore to meet the Queen of England was discussed nearly as much as the outcome of the G20 summit her husband attended.

Wouldn’t it be more detestable if the wife to the leader of the free world disingenuously downgraded her wears for the sake of a photo-op?

Face it haters, Michelle Obama is “well-to-do.” Accordingly, she’s fly. Period. I don’t recall any of this squawking when Cindy McCain touches down for one of her third-world ventures with her Western righteousness AND 3-carat diamonds in tow. C’mon!

Cindy McCain Diamonds to Charity

The fact is that politicians and their families on all sides of the ideological spectrum are wearing Armani and Chanel on a daily – downturn or no.

Perhaps the real problem here is that the First Lady’s detractors still consider her that dirty little world, which I won’t say here, but it starts with a U and ends with an uppity.


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