Haute Horoscope: TAURUS


Haute Horoscope: TAURUS
The sun will only be in Taurus for another few days (until Thursday the 24th), but the beautiful thing about Taurus is that it’s lessons for style are valid all year long, no matter what sign you were born under. See, Taurus is about the tried and true – the classics. A Taurus wardrobe might seem a bit boring from a distance. There will be few pieces and the palette will be full of neutral, earthy tones. However, get a bit closer and you’ll see that each piece is exquisitely made and of the highly quality materials and craftsmanship. There in lies the Taurus style wisdom:

  • Spend a lot up front, but on pieces that will still look good season after season;
  • Buy your investment pieces in neutral colors so that the extras can bring in the spice with color and trends;
  • Accentuate you best qualities – for Taurus, the neck area.

Pictured above:
* Oscar de la Renta Silk taffeta shirt dress and Jimmy Choo Seattle strappy sandal from net-a-porter.com
* Three-tone Swarovski Crystal Choker – AZ Collection from forzieri.com
* 14k Gold 7-mm Stud Earrings from kohls.com
* Burberry Tote with Alligator belt – available this fall


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