Atlanta Style: Saturday Shopping in L5P


Sweet, sweet resale! If you live in Atlanta and love fun, funky, unique and affordable clothing you simply must visit Rag-O-Rama. It’s like going to your favorite thrift store and loving everything you see (rather than have to sift through heaps of crap). Yes, you’ll pay a bit more than your usual thrift, but the preselection by the store’s stylish buyers makes it all worth it.

I found this killer leather pencil skirt – in yellow, no less! And it was pretty much free. The beautiful thing about the store is that they’ll take unwanted stuff off your hands and give you cold, hard cash or store trade-in credit. Keep in mind that you’ll make out better if your wears are in season, in good shape, and in style.
Bonus: Rag-O-Rama shoppers tend to be pretty snappy dressers. Meet Mike.

Rag-O-Rama is located at 1111 Euclid Avenue NE. Call(404) 658-1988 for store hours.

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