Atlanta Shopping: City Life Apparel


New store alert! You know the Cult always has the scoop on the best new places to shop in the Atlanta area (especially if you like to explore the unbeaten path).

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City Life Apparel has opened in East Atlanta village. The store is a perfect foil for the hyper-trendy likes of Sugar Britches, and the vintage clutter of Thread Zeppelin across the way. City Life stocks the quality wardrobe staples you need for layering and otherwise casual wear. Men and women can find that perfect tee or hoodie you need at prices so affordable you’ll want one in every color.

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But get this… designer denim for 65 bucks! The shop carries a line of jeans called Vigoss Studios which offers sturdy basics and trendy cuts alike.

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Check out City Life Apparel at 1287 Glenwood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30316. Call 404-624-1311 for store hours. Want friends? Click here to go to the store’s Space

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4 Responses to “Atlanta Shopping: City Life Apparel”

  1. Haute Girl says:

    i love vigoss jeans. they fit my curves so well.

  2. Fashion Cult says:

    i was so excited to find them. they’re the only brand whose skinny cut look good on my shape.

  3. 1jonboy says:

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    best regards John

  4. Keeya says:

    Interesting to know.

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