The Interesting Part of the Emmy Awards


The interesting part of the Emmy’s is, of course, the fashion. I didn’t bother to watch the awards themselves, but here are a few of my red carpet faves from last night’s telecast.

Chandra Wilson picked a great color (although it was bit too common among the attendees), elegant baubles, and her makeup is flawless. Her colleague, Sandra Oh also looked nice, although I wish the straps of her Vera Wang dress weren’t poofy. With the layered necklaces and puff ponytail it is dangerously close to crossing the line between edgy and excessive.

Sarah Chalke is a cutie pie in this long gown. It looks vintage, which I love and the white was perfect for the occasion and the hot L.A. weather.

White was another common color last evening. Helen Miren was a picture of elegance in the white layered dress.

I have no idea who Melanie Lynskey is, but I love how deep the red of her dress is. The dress is flawless, but the rest of the style is iffy. Especially those scary red nails.

I don’t love the dress, but Tyra is gorgeous as usual. The dress reportedly costs $55,000. That’s nothing, though, compared to the $3 million in jewelry she’s wearing. Diamonds are so overrated (poor timing, I know).

I absolutely love this Zac Posen on Portia de Rossi. Even more, the overall styling is flawless. Her look says, “I’m pretty, but fuck with me and I’ll tear your heart out.”

Along with white and red, purple was common on the carpet. Unfortunately, purple didn’t make as great of a showing.

Ellen Pompeo

Cheryl Hines.

They weren’t all bad though

Alfre Woodard was actually a spot of redemption for the purple people. Perhaps it’s because the hue is more subtle. I’m even digging the blonde hair, which I don’t often love on black women. She is goldenly gorgeous.

3 Responses to “The Interesting Part of the Emmy Awards”

  1. Michael says:

    I think the older ladies ruled the red carpet since Helen Miren and Alfre Woodard stood out as the best-dressed to me. Classy and alluring… certified Goddess status. Tyra looked like she was trying too hard.


  2. Fashion Cult says:

    that’s true about Tyra. she’s always modeling

  3. Jules says:

    I love Portia De Rossi’s dress.

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