Black Friday Dementia


It’s black Friday and in my neck of the woods it’s 50°F and overcast. The weather is perfect for brisk walks with the dog, but otherwise being at home enjoying the comforts of abundance. Instead, masses of people are subjecting themselves to mind-numbing traffic – on their day off! – to do the annual consumer’s orgy at shopping centers around the country. People spend most of their lives working, then on occasions like these they put themselves through another stressful ritual, instead of resting and enjoying everything they have. It’s pretty insane. Demented, even. Sort of like this woman (and her family) who camped outside of Best Buy for a week to be first in line at Black Friday sale. Photo via Re-nest. Video spotted at


Just to be clear: it’s not that I’m not a fan of shopping. It’s only that buying just for the sake of acquiring is the direct opposite of what The Fashion Cult is about. Read more in the Manifesto. This time of year is better used to obtain things that are useful at a good price. is a good source for this sort of tempered, non-demented shopping. Especially now, there’s a lot to choose from, but the best of the sales offer wardrobe staples and very special pieces like this silk embroidered Alexander McQueen dress. It’s a gorgeous go-to dress to keep in your wardrobe for special occasions. It’s retail price is nearly $6,000 so scoring it for just under $1,000 is a justifiable every now and then sort of purchase. The key is not to driven to buy more than you need because the deals are so good. Other items currently available in the designer final sale include deeply discounted Marni, Moschino, and Reem Acra. Perhaps the best part of shopping this way is that you can do it curled up on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate.

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