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eyedrum auction street style

Getting adequate blogging time is tough for a jane on the go. So please accept my apologies for not bringing the goods more often (stay tuned…). However, being busy means my style-spotting eye gets a considerable workout. This pas weekend there was much to see as Atlanta was the host to an incredible array of cultural offerings. These included concerts from Mos Def and Paul McCartney, the biggest “ethnic” hair show in the world, and numerous art gallery events.

One of my weekend highlights was attending an art auction at the infamous Eyedrum. Despite the sticky heat (90+ outside and no AC inside…), the crowd was good-humored and stylish to boot! Maybe it was the super-affordable prices on some really great artwork that got the guests going. Here are a few that I admired. Unfortunately, I was outbid on my favorite piece. Can you guess which one it is?

Eyedrum Art Auction Options

From left:
* Kelly McKernan – “Decomposition”
* Aaron Whitehousee – “Finding Fossil of Steer’s Head in Texas”
* Angus Galloway – Untitled

So I didn’t leave with any art :( But any event that involves a theremin is one I call a success!


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  1. The title is “Decomposition.” And thanks for the mention!

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