Let’s Play a Game: Find the Asian Needle in the White Model Haystack


Not many Asian Models at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

It’s Japan Fashion Week, although one can scarcely tell except by the names of the designers. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still find it disturbing that even in Japan white models dominate the catwalk. While we can kvetch about the lack of black or otherwise “colored’ models in NYC, London, Milan, Paris.. in those cities non-whites are the minority. So as unsatisfying as it may be, it makes a bit more (non)sense. Yet even in Tokyo, they feel the need to import euro models.

I suppose I understand the business logic. That is, Japanese designers want to appeal to the broader fashion market that will view the shows in photos and video around the world. Still, I think it’s a shame.

Top three looks from Matohu, bottom three from Kamishima Chimami.

photos: jfw.jp


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