VOGUE Around the World: Spring Covers Fall Flat


Vogue Spring Covers 2009 International

Hmm… Vogue covers have been rather plain lately. Just look at the Vogue Russia April cover in the upper right corner. Despite two beautiful people (Carmen Kass and Lenny Kravitz) the cover is total drab. It’s the “music” issue, but I don’t think that excuses it from having a stylish cover. Penelope’s Vogue Espana is easily the best of these. Maybe Vogue could use my help styling a few covers :)

Top Left: Spain April; Top Right: Russia April; Bottom Left: Nippon May; Bottom Right: China April

The photos that appear on this inside of these issues fare better in some cases. Like the “Dresses of time” from Vogue China. Photographed by Daniel Jackson, styled by Joanna Schlenzka and modeled by Liu Wen.

photos spotted at thefashionspot.com


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2 Responses to “VOGUE Around the World: Spring Covers Fall Flat”

  1. ani says:

    vogue spain, amazing!

  2. I think the best covers are those of Italian Vogue, so different from any other fashion magazine… Second best, Dazed&Confused.

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