Rip-Off Alert: Fendi’s Paint-Your-Own-Baguette


It could be argued that all designer handbags these days are overpriced. With prices for a sturdy leather purse from a high-end brand ranging around $2,000 that argument could be pretty strong. Still, it’s the handbag craze of the last several years that’s keeping the entire fashion industry afloat. But there is a line, folks, and I think I’ve found it.


The frail piece of coated canvas you see here is Fendi’s Paint-Your-Own Baguette. Retail price is $1,300. Now stop and take that in for a moment. I’ll wait…

Can you believe the utter gaul of these people? The Italian label is popularly known for it’s baguette, which is already rather overrated. And here they are, doing even less work (design, dye, etc.) and wanting 1300 of my hard earned dollars to own a piece of canvas with their logo on it. I am on the verge of outrage! Unless that bag get’s done up by Ray Caesar himself, it will never be worth that amount of cash. Hmph!

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