It Begins…


Lo! I’d like to welcome my very first Cult member, Iceworm. This painter/scultor/writer has proven himself worthy with his consumate artistry and stellar taste and style.

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Check out his gallery at (brick and mortar in Atlanta’s Castleberry art district) and his blog at

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Are YOU a cult member? Could be. Do you have an acute eye for art, style, music, or social scenes? Do you relish the written word and eager dole out your opinions to the World Wide Web on a regular basis? If so, then YOU just might be one of us. Members of the FashionCult are irreverent in their perspective of pop culture, so reader/viewer beware! We have high standards and enforce them with alacrity.

Stay tuned. The Cult is growing…

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One Response to “It Begins…”

  1. Michael Jones says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome. As fashion progress, so should we. My first entry should address the new sensation with those shoes, sandles or whatever the f**k they call em. Crocs

    They should cut the feet off of all who where them, with the crocs still on, and feed them to real crocs.

    Those shoes are the reason we are at war with terrorist now. And if I see another 40+ year old, white male with those shoes on I will purchase that mid life crisis but-nut the sports car he needs to feel young again.


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