Is This What Drew Barrymore Was Going For?


katie shillingford ombre hair

Well… probably not, but maybe she should have? While I actually liked her black dipped hair, which was so widely panned, this ombre dyed hair on Dazed Digital fashion editor Katie Shillington is just amazing. But to each her own, I guess. Besides, this look has an ice queen aura about it and Barrymore seems to be much warmer and quirkier than that. I’ve really liked her style choices lately. Especially the yellow and lace Mcqueen dress* she wore to the screening of “Whip It” at the Toronto film festival. Click for a larger view.

drew barrymore style black tipped hair

Top photo: Jak & Jil

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  1. Danielle says:

    ‘Waste of a McQueen dress’, is what I thought when I first saw this photo in the paper and then my second thought was ‘what’s that thing on her head?’

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