This is Why They Call It “Award Season”


Freida Pinto Being a movie star must be so exhausting this time of year. If you’re an actress with a successful role you must need to have about 30 dress on deck to accomodate the seemingly back to back awards and luncheons and whatnot.

Pictured: Stunning “Slumdog Millionaire” actress, Freida Pinto wearing a golden goddess mini.

Now we all know about the Oscars, and the Grammys and even the SAG Awards. But the Directors Guild of America Awards is not one that you’ll often see on your favorite pop culture “news” rags. Still, the event drew out some of the season’s most in demand. It’s clear they’re saving their best for the Oscars, but one or two still mustered up some high style for the occasion.

Lisa Edelstein’s not really pulling the dress off, but the shoes are on fire!
Lisa Edelstein

There’s nothing terribly exciting about Marisa’s Tomei dress, but the bag and necklace make the overall look fantastic.
Marisa Tomei

Terry Seymour. Take note ladies (and gentlemen) a trim figure will NOT always save you from horrible style – especially if you have the nerve to wear crimped hair in public!


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