TFC Manifesto*

  • The Fashion Cult prizes beauty, utility, comfort, and longevity. These Four comprise the matrix of true luxury, the pursuit of which is for the greater good.
  • It is recognized that the definitions of The Four are not rigid, but ever-evolving and specific to the location in time and space of a group or individual.
  • The pursuit of beauty and quality (comfort & longevity) is not for the purpose of displaying wealth or communicating status.
  • The pursuit of true luxury fosters greater awareness in consumption, which conserves the resources (including the human variety) of the planet.
  • Everyone, no matter the social or economic status should and can be well-heeled. Where quality is prized as part of the greater good, no cheaply made items – least of all shoes – will be sought by anyone, thereby dissapating the market for them.
  • Let those with eyes for style see these tenets and put them to use without the burden of forcibly converting others. Our way of life is the announcement.