Inspired Style: The Temper Trap LIVE in Atlanta


It’s spring! And like Bambi, and all other creatures living with their hearts wipe open, I am utterly twitterpated. My new love: The Temper Trap. They are a rock band, but like all of my favorite bands, I’m reluctant to slide them into a simple genre. The BBC called them “Sun-bleached surf-pop from down under” – which I think is wayyy off. Their MySpace page slots them in A’cappella / Other / Melodramatic Popular Song categories – which maybe doesn’t hit the mark either, but better describes the inability to pin these guys down (or else just the band’s sense of humor).

It was a fantastic show at The Loft – well attended, but not stampede stuffed. I, of course, was up near the front of the stage amongst some really young (it seemed) fans and having a blast. The moment was made all the better by the fact that leader singer Dougy Mandagi has great style (on this night, anyhow). Unfortunately, my super-amateur photography skills were not enough to adequately capture the look very well on camera. The missing details: rolled short sleeve (very 50s), a feather print shirt with chest exposed (very 70s), a small gold crucifix pendant, a braided leather belt. The exposed chest, BTW was very appropriate to Dougy’s vocal style, which reminds me of that Bee Gees falsetto that so characterized the disco era.

Inspired Style: Dougy of TheTemper Trap - LIVE in Atlanta
Inspired Style: Dougy of TheTemper Trap – LIVE in Atlanta by eighty jane featuring Low Luv by Erin Wasson necklaces

Apparently the Melbourne band was introduced to the States by way of a movie called “500 Days of Summer.” I’ve never seen it, and have barely even heard of it (proud Hollywood hater, here). The break out song was “Sweet Disposition” – played unplugged and mellow in the video below.

It’s a nice song, but not nearly as amazing as some of the other songs on their debut album Conditions. One of my favorites is “Resurrection.”

Buy Conditions on The Temper Trap - Conditions

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