Web Review: Couturious? No Thanks.


**B&W Red Virtual Band Styled on Looklet.com – lead singer, guitar, background vocals, drums, strings, bass**

Earlier this week fashion blogs and even business sites were buzzing about a new outfit creation called Couturious.com. Okay they weren’t buzzing, but they mentioned it. The site is made by the people behind polyvore.com and like.com and it seems they were trying to combine the creative drive of Polyvore with the super cash cow element of Like. Not a bad idea… too bad it was a complete rip off. If you’re into styling (and spending all day online) they way I am, you already know about Looklet.com. And if you know about that you’ll recognize how similar the concepts are.

Before I jumped to any conclusions, I reached out to Olle Hemmendorff – the creator of Looklet – to find out if perhaps he had collaborated on this new venture. No, he didn’t.

I’ve heard plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. But i’m not flattered. Apart from the glaring lack of original ideas, i also think couturious doesn’t show much of the quality or attention to detail, essentially the LOVE we’ve put into Looklet. I hope others recognize this as well.

WE recognize, Olle! I’m sticking with Looklet.

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2 Responses to “Web Review: Couturious? No Thanks.”

  1. glowingdoll says:

    I was optimistic when I saw that you can select your model’s body shape (well, at least they say that that feature is coming soon). However, having (regrettably) signed up and tried to use it I have to say that it is indeed awful.

  2. eighty says:

    Yeah, did you see that they have Mariah Carey for the “Rounded Tummy” section? Hilarious!

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