These Gucci Bags Are Not Gucci Bags


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With To Be G, a handbag collection by Guccio and Alessandro Gucci, great-grandsons of Guccio Gucci, who founded the Gucci brand in 1921, the brothers are set on carving out their own niche, while avoiding any trademark infringement.

“We are not doing this because our name is Gucci, nor do we want to try and replicate what the Gucci brand is doing,” said Guccio Gucci during a tour of his Scandicci, Tuscany, manufacturing plant. “We have our own vision.”

Their passion for leather goods and the accessories business runs deep and in this sense they are Guccis to the core. Guccio Gucci, who designs the To Be G brand, spent 12 years at Gucci, where he coordinated development of product and research of hides, until the company was sold to Investcorp in 1989. After working in the textile industry for almost a decade, he went on to help his father, Giorgio, on the GiorgioG handbags line.

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