Michelle Obama Agrees: Not Costumed, but Character-Inspired * Halloween 2009


michelle obama leopard inspired halloween 2009

As mentioned in my earlier Halloween 2009 post, I’m a big advocate of being festive for Halloween. However, I prefer not to be costume, but character-inspired. Seems like icon Michelle Obama feels the same. She wore a leopard print sweater with cat-like eye makeup and fuzzy ears for Halloween. Sure, she likely has some other PR considerations to make when choosing not to go all plastic and polyester, but my guess is the First Lady’s sense of style dictates that elegance anyway. That said, I’ll love all costumes because they recall how what we put on our bodies contributes to our personae. Love it or hate it, fashion matters.

Party #1, hosted by an artist named Chris (?). Festive folks and great decorations:

halloween 2009 party 1

halloween 2009 party art

I went as Fashion Freddy: fashion freddy krueger

The Kirkwood Krypt had a kick-ass Halloween party this past Saturday and your mistress, Eighty Jane was on hand to snap a few shots:

marley may halloween 09

sir william and jack tripper halloween 09

pirate singer halloween 09

octo antoinette halloween 09

of mice and men lennie halloween 09

kimmy kat halloween 09

happy feet halloween09

What I Learned This Year: Men like a woman with a whip!
men like whips

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  1. Nacnette says:

    Michelle Obama is very charismatic just like her husband and it is the reason why i like her. I also feel that she could connect with people more easily than any other first ladies.

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