Vogue’s ‘Blackface’ Is No Big Deal


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I saw this story starting to break yesterday and gave an audible sigh. Apparently people are upset about a beautiful fashion editorial spread, shot by Steven Klein and featuring model Lara Stone for the October edition of Vogue Paris. Why are they upset? You see, Miss Stone was photo’d wearing dark makeup – or as some or calling it “blackface.” I’d seen that spread in my favorite fashion forum and noticed that Lara Stone was painted brown. And, as a black person, I thought “interesting” – AND THAT’S IT. No offense, no outrage, no big deal. In fact I think the dark makeup up makes Lara look quite elegant in some of these.

Maybe it’s generational – I also don’t call myself and my loved ones nigger

That fact is that the darkened shots are gorgeous and why should that be offensive?! True, maybe they could have cast a black model, but the spread is named LARA – it’s all about the model and her transformation from shot to shot.

Honestly folks, there are better things to bitch and moan about. Yes, racism still exists and that sucks. But this spread is not its revelation. Instead, the ludicrous reaction is more disheartening. Are we still so uptight and rigid about race? So much so that no matter the intention, certain things must always remain taboo. If so, the annoying tension will never ever go away. Enough already!

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4 Responses to “Vogue’s ‘Blackface’ Is No Big Deal”

  1. Amber says:

    Absolutely breathtaking editorial. I see this as an expression of creativity rather than racism.

  2. I’m just not picking up any racial implications for these shots. Who would? Id rather believe those accusations are faux controversy for publicity’s sake than somebody actually claiming offense on a ‘racial’ basis.

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