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Ladies and Gents, in case you didn’t notice this is a fashion blog. So if you’re looking for Beyonce and the like, keep it moving to a gossip rag like Bossip. Here at the Cult we like to focus on good style, which is why you will rarely if ever she Mrs. Carter on these pages. But before we move onto Cult picks for best-dressed, let’s talk about that dreaded red carpet occurence: duplicate looks. And I’m not talking about Pink and Shakira wearing the same balmain dress. Shakira did it better, BTW (but maybe biased… see below)

Pink & Shakira Same Dress MTV VMAs

Nope I’m talking about the overblown platform trend which for starlets apparently means black patent ___-style pumps. Ugh. They look so affected.


But enough of that. On to the ones that got it right:

We won’t even mention that self-important douchebag seen grabbing his nuts and sipping Hennessy on the red carpet, with his sexpot arm piece – who should probably refrain from so much bragging about styling herself – in tow. Too bad. These too have so much potential.

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  1. Alisha Cox says:

    i love the way Shakira is on barefoot whenever she have some live concerts.`~’

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