‘Underground’ Fashion: London’s High Street Gets a Week



Goodness know I love love an extravagant, indulgent, uber-luxe couture show. And the blitz of ready-to-wear that happens during fashion week is like rapture for me too. BUT, I’m fully aware of how utterly inaccessible is the clothing displayed in these shows. For the vast majority of people on earth even diffusion line prices are way out of reach. So I was excited to here that London’s so-called “High Street” has it’s very own fashion week this month. I hope to see more events that feature attainable fashion in a high-style setting. Fashion snobs may scoff, but I think it’s a step in a good direction.


Tube commuters took the front row for a taste of the new season today as London’s first high street fashion week kicked off with a show on the underground.

London fashion week starts in a few days’ time and will remain the preserve of A-listers and journalists. But the “pop-up” style event, which is aimed at promoting the best of Oxford Street, saw models posing in autumn’s newest looks, including sparkly dresses and six-inch heels, as bemused passengers looked on. The “People’s Catwalk” ran on the Central Line from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch – the mile and a half length of Oxford Street. The show started at 10am, missing rush hour, and lasted 20 minutes, much longer than regular shows, which often last for under 10 minutes despite hours of waiting. Source

london high street fashion week on the tube

Laura Ramos, of the event’s organiser New West End Company, said: ”It took 20 minutes to complete the Central Line catwalk show, which gave a unique preview of this season’s stunning High Street fashion outfits.

”This is the first time ever that a fashion week has been made so accessible to the public. Fashion week shows are normally reserved for the fashion elite but by creating a show on a shopper-heavy tube, we gave everyone the chance to grab a slice of our ‘fashion week’ action.” Source

There’s still a couple days left for High Street Fashion Week. See the calender below and go to highstreetfashionweek.com to learn how to win prizes from featured collections.

high street fashion week calendar

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