Rihanna by Steven Klein, Vogue Italia Extreme Couture


rihanna by steven klein small comp

It’s here folks. If you are die hard you may have spotted it on the Web already, but Rihanna’s Vogue Italia couture spread has found it was to the illustrious pages of the Fashion Cult*. And where better to display the incredibly decadent shots of one of the world’s biggest pop stars? Thanks to the cult-like devotion to the Barbados-born performer at RihannaDaily.com, those of us out of reach of a timely copy of the magazine can gawk at these HQ scans.

In review, I’m somewhat underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong! Every photo is gorgeous. The styling is fantastic and Klein photography is, of course, stellar. However, it’s definitely in danger of falling into the “one note” category. There are upwards of 20 pages in the spread and at about 8 I start to get somewhat restless. There’s no real story and yet each the mood is so similar in each shot. Thank goodness for the one splash of color and that shock of white in the corset dress. Peep my favorite shot, then a gallery of the full spread below.

rihanna by steven klein best shot


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  2. I am a die hard fan of Rihanna, i love her hair, i love her voice and i love her body. ‘

  3. Hi i like Rihanna so much her music video Love the way you lie is top notch

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