Lady GaGa Gets it Right! Marc Jacobs + V Cover


lady gaga IFA fair Berlin Germany

Lady Gaga looked surprisingly fantastic at a photocall in Berlin Monday. Wow! I’ve been harsh on her style in the past but this look is really working for me. She keeps her flair for the dramatic without looking like a costumed sideshow. We like this. Seems like she’s really hitting a stride.

Check out Lady GaGa in V Magazine:

lady gaga v cover

marc jacobs fall 2009 dress word by Lady GaGaUpdate: Thanks to our friends at for IDing the dress. It wasn’t one of my favorites from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 collection, but Lady GaGo has done the dress very well. It comes to life on her, especially juxtapose the runway model – yuck! I wonder what else from that collection was obscured by poor model casting and poorer styling???

marc jacobs fall 2009 dress what ifmarc jacobs fall 2009 dress what if2

Which actress, singer, or otherwise star/let could bring these to life?

Cover Runway Photos:


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