Daytime Emmy Awards: BEST DRESSED + The Crazy Cat Lady


36th emmy awards best dressed blk

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards came and went last evening without much notice from me. I was only alerted to the event by the appearance of the lovely photos in my inbox this morning. Nothing spectacular, but a few basically well-dressed folks on the carpet. The one standout wasn’t for stellar style, but for pure peculiarity: Stacy Haiduk, now know as the “crazy cat lady.”

stacy haiduk emmy awards crazy cat lady

The cat looks like genuine taxidermy at it’s finest – which is totally creepy, but no less nasty then your average fur coat. I suppose. And besides, you can’t blame a girl for grasping a few straws of limelight at an event where the most of the stars are best known as their character names.

See the Cult picks for best dressed in the gallery below.

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