Agyness Deyn’s MJ Tribute Fails Miserably


harpers bazaar agyness deyn michael jackson tribute fails miserably cover

Sigh. Now that the King of Pop/Rock/Soul is dead, everybody wants to ride his glittery coattails. Harper’s Bazaar‘s so-called tribute to Michael Jackson is not only late but terribly terribly executed. I mean really, who’d they get to put this one together, someone from the National Enquirer???

harpers bazaar agyness deyn michael jackson tribute

It’s clear that no thought whatsoever was put into this spread. Agyness isn’t style so much as costumed and, frankly, the it-girl model is bring no life, no finesse whatsoever to the shoot. Concept: fail. Styling: fail. Modeling: fail. Photography: pass, but just barely. I mean look at the shot of Agyness with the chimp. The look has no subtly and she’s standing there like an ANTM reject! What an utter disappoint. See more of this disgrace from the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar here.

Now if you want to see a well done fashion magazine MJ tribute, look no further than Grazia Magazine. This spread is gorgeous and shows what a tribute is all about: inspiration and interpretation, not imitation. The styling is graceful and sophisticated, even when poking slight fun at the superstar’s legacy. See more from this spread at

grazia magazine michael jackson tribute

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  1. little lulu says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Me and my friend were just saying the same thing about harper’s bazaar tribute on my flickr group, ‘whos bad! – A fashion tribute to Michael Jackson ‘ why not stop by and give us your opnions and/or contributions. If you would like to, shall leave the link below…
    Great Blog btw!

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