Sex vs. Style: Can a Kitten Go High Fashion?



Not that sex can’t be stylish and style can’t be sexy, but there’s a definite line between the too – especially when photography is concerned. Adriana Lima is best known for you Victoria Secret supermodel status, which puts the Brazilian beauty pretty firmly in the sex category. Compared to your typical high fashion model, Adriana’s full cups make her look (sadly) odd in clothing-focused looks. And it’s not just her body. You can tell her star rose via lingerie, because her modeling just can’t help but be of the arched back variety. Still, I think this effort from El Pais magazine’s March issue is decent.

… it was actually kinda hard to find pictures of this woman with clothes on.

editorial photos:


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5 Responses to “Sex vs. Style: Can a Kitten Go High Fashion?”

  1. kate says:

    Gisele did it!

  2. […] this weekend, and the resulting pics drummed up a topic we at the Cult examine with regularity: Sex vs. Style. It’s the ever present dichotomy of fashion, often separated by a line as thin as Kate Moss […]

  3. Adriana Lima is my favorite Victoria Secret model. She has perfect curves and a very pretty face.:.:

  4. Caleb Green says:

    what i like about adriana lima is her perfect bronze complexion..-~

  5. oh how i wish i could marry Adriana Lima, i just love her complexion and pretty face ..

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