HauteHoroscope: ARIES


Haute Horoscope TM is back! And what better place to start than the start of the zodiac – ARIES.

Aries likes to lead. A good challenge is happiness to Aries. Aries goes through life with confidence and a enthusiastic outlook on everything. They can lack patience and often don’t finish what they start.

People born under the sun sign Aries are generous and frank with friends. They have a gift for fun. Aries can fall in love quickly and out of love even more quickly. Source

Although the dress by Mary Katranzou in the photo above is named “Aries” the colors in it and the Aries graphic are rather misleading, actually. They are far too cool and laid back for fiery Aries.

The Ram vibe is much closer to this hot red dress, worn by celebrity Aries Claire Danes (April 12).

Aries (Ares) was the god of war. Likewise, Aries natives can have a very aggressive energy. This will manifest itself differently in each person, but you might find that many Aries women have something just a touch masculine about them. Not that they look masculine, or act like boys, but there’s a certain cocksure sense of independence about them – a trait generally associated with men.

Cynthia Nixon (April 9)

Even the daintiest of Aries women, will be drawn to crisp clean lines of a menswear-inspired suit.

Reese Witherspoon (March 22)

As the baby of the Zodiac, Aries can be very childlike… and childish. Some born under this sign, or with heavy Aries influences have a Peter Pan complex and refuse to grow up.

Mariah Carey (March 27)
How, oh how, does a multi-platinum selling Grammy winner make herself look cheap? See above.


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  1. Hi there —

    Thought you might be amused by my Aries in Red Dresses.

  2. HP says:

    I love it! I’ll be checking in often

  3. Reese Witherspoon is still one of the cutest american actress out there. I love here role on Sweet Home Alabama.~;”

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