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“I was born in London, England on October 26 1958, the youngest of four and much to my parent’s surprise, I was born a dog. This unfortunate turn of events was soon accepted within my family and was never again mentioned in the presence of polite company.”

So begins the Website bio of artist Ray Caesar, whose work is an incredibly dark adventure into high style surrealism.

“Unfortunately the drawing continued to become somewhat atypical and aberrant and it was not long before it was impressed upon me that such images might not be suitable for public viewing.” Not sure if this is more cheekiness here, but from what I’ve seen in his art, it may very well be true. Caesar seems to have a fixation on dangerously young and painfully pale female subjects, of whom you’ll see more than a few upskirt angles.

But possible pedophilia aside (goodness, we hope it’s not so), we are enamored by Caesar’s exquisite depiction of fashion and interior style. The vibrant blue jacket in “Suddenly” below is amazing to behold – like you could reach out and touch the silk taffeta.

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First spotted at FashionIndie.

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4 Responses to “Fashion in Art: Ray Caesar”

  1. d3rail3d says:

    A refreshing style for sure. But no more pedophilia than your average anime/manga. Could be that since this is more “realistic” than the aforementioned cartoon style, it could draw some flack, but it feels no more far gone to me. Really love his rendering of texture and material in his clothing.

  2. high Priestess says:

    True… but to be honest, I’ve always found Anime rather questionable too. They do love their young female characters in schoolgirl uniform… KAGOME!!! 😉

    But look at this one: “The Atlas of Anatomy”

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  4. my blog says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

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