Male Fashionistas Face Ridicule


… especially in certain communities.

Pharell with Purple Chloe Cyndi Tote and Yellow Croc Sneakers

What you see here, my dear followers, is musician and fashionista Pharrell Williams. I, for one, find his simple white T, with poppy yellow sneakers ensemble quite chic. And to top it off, he’s sporting a scrumptious purple croc Hermes. Spectacular.

If you’ve an eye for style, or at least an open mind, you can appreciate this look. But, alas, in certain circles (read: the Black “community”) men who relish in the many possibilities of fashion almost always have their sexuality questioned. It really is too bad. And then so many black women wonder why all the progressive black men go for women of other races. Well… I’ll not get into that. Not today.

Click to see how one popular black blog ridiculed Pharrell for be a free fashion spirit:

Pharrell Ridiculed for his Fashion by Bossip

From a post titled, “Pharrell’s Rainbow Status Almost Complete

We’re just saying. It is very hard for a man in any line of work to justify yellow Bape Sponge Bob
Crocs and a purple signature Hermes Bag. Then, homeboy points at the sh*t like it didn’t almost blind us already. SMH. What it do, Pharrell?

Well. I suppose you can’t expect too much from a publication that owes their success to being the first to exposed a (pseudo)celeb sex tape. Sigh…

Extra tidbit:

Pharrell had this bag – the one he’s using as a footstool on what looks like a city bus – custom made. See him here picking up the lovelies from the Paris workshop:

Pharrell picking up his custom Hermes birkin

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  1. d3rail3d says:

    I can agree about his sneakers, I dig em. But, those bags I can’t get with. Not that I don’t think a man can rock a purple croc bag…it’s just that the design just isn’t masculine. It’d even be okay if it were androgynous, but the design of these bags feel feminine, regardless of their size.

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