Guilty Pleasure: Online Dress Up Games


It all began when I was entertaining my nieces one day. Tired of being a human jungle gym, but not being the kind to just plop kids down in front of the television, I sat them in front of the computer. Much better, right?. When the youngest (she’s four) got her turn I sat down to help her. Turns out she didn’t even need my help. I sat there with her anyway, actually enjoying the little game where you get to choose your character’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Forget the four-year old, I wanted to play by myself!

I don’t recall which game it was, but is was something like the one at, called Getting Ready. Cute, but definitely made for those still in the stage that’s obsessed with all things princess and pony.

When I went searching for a more grown up version of the online dress up game I found that, apparently, not all women grow out of the princess fairytale. Vera Wang is using a dress up game to market her new fragrance.

Unlike the children’s game, though, you don’t get to choose the complexion or hair color of your character at thePrincess Beauty website. There’s just one silly socialite, with a really limited wardrobe. Hmmm… still like the children’s game better.

There’s a more down to earth version of the dress up game at, a site where you pick from the wardrobe of a real woman named Erin.
Unfortunately, it’s a little too real. Erin’s a school teacher in Virginia and… well, it shows. Her wardrobe is utterly boring.

My Virtual Model has lotsa potential. You get to choose the race, hairstyle, sex and bodytype of the model your dressing. It’s not quite fun yet though, the clothing selection being limited. This one requires account signup, but it’s free.

Here’s a few more:

The Republic
pros: play with boy dolls too. con: no accessories!

Nordstrom BP
Very cute, but wish the selection was larger (as usual), and no accessories again! The default model is a cute black girl with natural hair. Hooray for brown girls!

Elle Girl Catwalk
Create your own fashion show!
A smorgesbord of frivolous fashion games, including a few that use couture clothing.

Levi’s LadyStyle
Get dressed in Levi jeans and tops then choose your hair and makeup.

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7 Responses to “Guilty Pleasure: Online Dress Up Games”

  1. Jules says:

    I would check these links but due to the large amounts of people around me I ain’t going to check it out now. Well, at least not today…

  2. Fashion Cult says:

    haha. yeah, everyone use these with discretion. undressing a little girl – even if she is a cartoon – might not be the best look at work.

  3. Jules says:

    After that comment, I’ll op not to go to these sites. Undressing a little girl is very creepy.

  4. Karinaxoxo says:

    HAHA I love dress ups!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is totally off the subject but thanks for adding my link to your site. I’m adding your link to mine as I speak.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled comment…
    I’ve always loved playing dress up so I’ll have to pay a visit to some of these sites.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The best dress up site is Cartoon Doll Emporium – I must admit I’ve whiled away hours on it even though my daughters introduced it to me.

  7. Fashion Cult says:

    Ah yes! I been to that site as well – but not for some time.

    In fact, I’ve been away from fashion, en generale, far too long.

    The Priestess returns soon!

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