Russell Simmons Fashion Line. Yea or Nay?


Russell Simmons Rock Fashion Week Miami Beach

I admit that I’m pretty harsh on celeb-spawn fashion lines. And possibly even more so by those of the pop hiphop variety. Sue me. So when I see looks from Russell Simmons’ latest collection, my first instinct is to keep it moving and not pay much attention. But I realize that that’s unfair, so I’m taking a closer look at the music moguls style offerings. Maybe I need to see them in person. If the make if the pieces is immaculate, that would make up for the lack of fresh vision.

The clothes don’t look bad. It’s just that there’s nothing special about them and I feel like for a music person to enter fashion, they should do so with a unique perspective – with something new to offer besides a sound business plan.

And then there’s this…. Fat Joe arriving for the show in a white tee and shorts down to his shins. Yeah, yeah, it’s a style all it’s own. Blah, blah, blah…
Fat Joe at Russell Simmons Fashion Show in Miami Beach

Truth be told, I could use some support in the mens fashion arena, overal…


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  2. Ciara says:

    Boring. But menswear often is.

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